Our company deals with the creation of caramel trimmings and statues, wedding and special cakes. Our confectionery is made after home recipes. We undertake the making of caramel statues, centrepieces, acknowledgement gifts, bouquets, flower baskets of caramel for weddings, special occasions; even according to individual conception. We also undertake the on-the-spot compiling and the delivery of our products.


About us:


I, Rózsa István Gergelyné, was born in 1976 in Budapest. I live in Szigetszentmiklós. I have been engaged in moulding caramel for a couple of years as a hobby. I acquired the basics, lacking any kind of help; that is what I am the most proud of. I have made lots of creations on demand of others and for my family’s and my pleasure. Now I am making my creations as a confectioner. I founded a firm named Cukorvirág Ltd. I also would like to mention proudly my confectionery shop where caramel trimmings and statues, special and home made cakes are made. I luckily got to know confectioners, with the support of whom, today I can also attend at competitions with high results.


In October of 2006. I attended at the First Territorial Caramel Championship, where I won first place.


In 2007 I went on competing. I attended at “Carnival Cup” organised by the Tata and Surrounding Regions and Associacion; at the “Pelikán Cup” in Szolnok and also at the Culinary Expo – Hungarian Cup Gastronomic Contention. I achieved “golden” grade in all of these in the category of 2D confectionary art. At the Culinary Expo I also got Hungarian Championship Bronze Medal.


In 2008 at the “Carnival Cup” in Tata my creation gained golden grade again.


At the confectionary competition organised by the occasion of the International Trade Fair I won a silver medal.


At the 2008 Culinary Expo Hungarian Cup I was awarded a golden medal with maximum score, the prize of the Gastronomic Association and the Hungarian Championship silver medal.


I would like thank for the support of those people who surround me in my every days: my family, my friends.